For as long as I can remember, I have found joy in discovering and sharing the beauty of this world. I relish the unscripted gestures, expressions, and interactions - a mother and grandmother holding hands while watching the bride don her veil, or seeing the amazement and awe on new father face's as he stares smitten at his baby girl - that capture a special moment in time and provide a privileged window into life experience, personality and relationships. These moments are easy to miss in our busy lives, but I believe that their fleeting nature also makes them more beautiful. It is my joy and honor to work with my clients to discover and preserve precious moments and the deeply felt emotions and special relationships they represent.

My clients love open air, natural light, and laughter.

I am passionate about children and families. I love capturing the beautiful relationship between a caring adult and a child, the abounding delight of a child at play, and the serenity of a child at rest. I spend my days working on behalf of preschool children in under resourced communities as a program director for an early education non-profit working towards the day every child enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.

I also love to bake and cook with local ingredients from our CSA, to play board games with friends, and to snuggle on the couch with a good book and my husband. I believe that the deep and continuously growing love I have felt for him for almost a decade informs my vision of the couples that I am so honored to partner with in photography.