King of All Wild Things

As I am sitting here typing this I am currently 40 weeks pregnant, and by the time this posts I may have our own little one in my arms. It felt like an incredibly apt time to share this overdue, but very special newborn session from two of our best friends and their little one Max.


Newborn details The love they have for this little one is just inspiring.   Family Portrait

He is going to live such a life filled with so many rich experiences and so very much laughter.

  • Newborn family portrait
  • MH-142
  • Newborn parents and grandmother

Well Wishes Mobile

From the mobile of well wishes, to the myriad handmade quilts by friends and family, this little one already has a fan club that is utterly devoted to him and spans the country.

  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn
  • Newborn with mom
  • Newborn and Father
  • Newborn and Mother
  • Newborn Father and Grandmother

 I feel so very honored to get to watch some of my dearest friends become parents and couldn’t feel luckier to get to do it with them very soon.   Newborn

I can’t wait for our little ones to get to meet.  I hope that Max likes our new addition as much as I love these three, because let’s be honest, Max is one cool dude.

Celebrations Around the Campfire

  • Newlyweds
  • Newlyweds

After James and Rebecca joined their lives together in the most beautiful riverside ceremony in Vermont, it was time for a little quiet celebration to reflect together on this incredible moment in their lives.

Newlyweds Newlyweds

Bridal Portraits Bride and Groom Bride and Groom Bride and Groom

  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

I don’t think they could be more gorgeous if they tried. Bride and Groom


Rebecca conceived and realized the most amazing, zero waste reception I have ever seen.  The paper goods were hand lettered by a friend who does work in their studio in Newburyport, they brought in locally made beverages, and Rebecca’s mother had taken months finding beautiful and unique plates from the local second hand shops.

  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details
  • Reception Details

The couple also brought up a trailer full of salvaged furniture that they turned into an outdoor living room.  The flowers were locally foraged and stunningly styled by Rebecca’s mother and sister.  After the wedding, every item was composted, recycled, donated or repurposed.  From start to finish every detail was elegant, effortless and eco-friendly.   Reception

  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception

Guests talked and laughed around the campfire while feasting on delicious vegan bites from the Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly, MA.  I can attest that their carrot cake was actually one of the best cakes I have ever eaten (and I don’t normally even like cake).

Vermont Campground Reception

  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception
  • Vermont Campground Reception

This day was all about family, love and togetherness.  I couldn’t be happier for these two and wish them a lifetime of joy, adventures and fulfillment.  Congratulations to the Murphys!

Let’s Get Married in Vermont

After an absolutely gorgeous engagement session, we were anticipating a simply beautiful wedding for Murphy and Rebecca on a campground in Vermont.

Vermont Wedding

Vermont Campground wedding

The setting was absolutely stunning.

  • Bride Getting Ready Details
  • Bride Getting Ready

And this bride and groom just couldn’t wait to get married.

Bride Getting Ready

  • Groom Portrait
  • Groom Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

  • Bride Getting Ready
  • Bride Getting Ready
  • Bride Getting Ready
  • Bride Getting Ready

What could be more lovely than a rushing river, ripening apples, wildflowers and hay bales?

Campground Wedding


The excitement was palpable as the groom and his good friend and officiant waited in bare feet at the front of the aisle and another friend seated atop a fallen tree stump played lilting music that floated into the forest.   Campground Wedding

The space was filled with laughter and a clear feeling of wonderful wishes for this pair.

  • Campground Wedding
  • Campground Wedding

On a perfect August afternoon, the music changed, the bride appeared with her father and the moments flowed together to join these two as husband and wife.

Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

Vermont Outdoor Ceremony   Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

Their handwritten vows left not a dry eye and just as equally filled the space with laughter as they promised each other a life of adventures big and small and gratitude for the joy and fulfillment they have found together.

  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

And in a moment, they were husband and wife.

  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony
  • Vermont Outdoor Ceremony

Vermont Outdoor Ceremony


I couldn’t contain all of this beauty in just one post, so come back next week for all of the amazing reception details and beautiful portraits.

Happy, happy baby: Alex One-year Old



One Year Old

There just can’t be a happier, smilier baby than Alex at one-year-old.

One Year Old

It seems impossible that just over a year ago this little buy was just a sleepy little five pound baby One Year Old

Now he’s walking, loves his Baby Boo and Little Quack book and is talking up a storm! One Year Old

Duck was one of his first words, so it felt very fitting to make sure that we took some pictures at the duck pond.

  • One Year Old
  • One Year Old
  • One Year Old

How neat to watch this little guy grow over the last year; the first year is truly just so incredibly amazing.  Thank you to Alex’s family for letting me be a part of it!

One Year Old

Theo: One Year Old


How incredible to watch this little man grow up over the last year.

  • TM1-18
  • TM1-23

To celebrate his first birthday, he also got his first cake, made just for him.  Although he had been eating solid foods for a while, this first foray into cake was more about exploration than eating.

  • TM1-20
  • TM1-17

It’s just amazing to see how much he grows each week.  Two weeks later we took family portraits at Mill Pond, where the Moerleins spend so much time throughout the year.  Look at how much he has changed!




This week, he was standing and toddling, but was still working on walking without assistance.

  • TM1-154
  • TM1-149
  • TM1-36

I think that makes this week one of those special times where as a photographer I get to capture the moments that add up to the big milestones.  That has been one of the things that has made me feel luckiest about getting to see Theo grow and photograph him throughout this year.  It’s amazing to see so many moments: big and small, that make up a first year for such a delightful little guy.

  • TM1-189
  • TM1-89
  • TM1-51
  • TM1-54

Theo had really started to get into books around his first birthday and Dinosaur Kisses was his favorite book.


  • TM1-42
  • TM1-132

Theo has been just the biggest joy in his parents lives and I adore him tremendously.



We are all so very, very happy to have him around.  It will be so much fun to watch him continue to grow and develop, and hopefully become the older, cooler friend to our little one when my husband and I welcome our addition sometime in the next month.  It’s incredible to have so much wonderfulness in your life and the Moerleins are such a big part of that for our family.


Theo’s First Year

  • Flou(-e)r_0085
  • Flou(-e)r_0099

As my best friend and amazing photography assistant, Dorothy, prepared to have her baby turn one-year-old, I couldn’t help but look through all the photos we had taken over the first year of his life.  From the baby bump, to her baby shower, to his birth, to the first few days of his life, there is nothing more special then being there each one of these incredible milestones.

  • TM-newborn--369
  • TM-newborn--66
  • TM-newborn--307


I also realized there were some photos that we didn’t get to share when they happened.

  • TM6-88
  • TM6-104
  • TM6-93

Here are some of those amazing moments around six months old.  Theo was pushing up, crawling, and discovering how amazing his hands and feet are.

  • TM6-89
  • TM6-47
  • TM6-79
  • TM6-40
  • TM6-71

His little expressions are just the most amazing.  I hope you’ll come back next week to see how much he had grown by his first birthday.  You won’t believe how much he has changed (although still just as cute).




Engagement in Fort Port

Today marks the one week countdown to Karen and Joe’s wedding in Cohasset, MA.

This couple met four years ago at the Barking Crab in Boston’s Fort Port neighborhood.

  • KJ-57
  • KJ-67
  • KJ-79

It became clear pretty quickly that this was something special.

  • KJ-124
  • KJ-73

Karen is one of those remarkable women who knows what she wants and is simply unbelievable at making things happen.

  • KJ-122
  • KJ-130

Seeing the laughter and joy this couple shares, it’s clear how wonderful each of these individuals are for each other.

  • KJ-13
  • KJ-47

A look like that from a fiancé shows that this is a marriage that is going to last.

  • KJ-100
  • KJ-4

Congratulations to Karen and Joe.  I cannot wait to be there to photograph your day next weekend!


Weaver Twins

After so much anticipation, the Weaver family and their communities could not have been more excited to meet this set of twins.

  • NWGW-11
  • NWGW-40

This is Noelle.

  • NWGW-124
  • NWGW-125
  • NWGW-112

And this is Graham.


Graham Alden and Noelle Iris arrived a little early, on February 27th, continuing the tradition of Jumpstart mothers giving birth the day after Jumpstart throws them a shower (a trend I am keeping a keen eye on).

  • NWGW-61
  • NWGW-74

This family was just so ready to be four people.

  • NWGW-167
  • NWGW-92

It has been just so amazing to see Tessa become the most natural, easygoing, and wonderful mother to this set of twins.

  • NWGW-132
  • NWGW-119

They truly are such a phenomenal family.

  • NWGW-133
  • NWGW-160
  • NWGW-66



As these little ones celebrate their six month birthday, it’s such a joy to look back on how much they have grown.  Happy birthday Graham and Noelle! NWGW-89


Newburyport Engagement

At the end of August, Rebecca and James will be married in an intimate ceremony on a campground in Vermont.   RSJM-48

Having met in Somerville and then moved up to Newburyport to open Riverside Yoga and Massage studio together, they seem to know just how to savor the simple, beautiful moments together.


  • RSJM-23
  • RSJM-151
  • RSJM-211

To celebrate their engagement, it seemed fitting to photograph this lovely couple in the city they have made their home, just minutes from their house.

  • RSJM-231
  • RSJM-208
  • RSJM-223

I love that you can see the carabiner that Rebecca gave him on James’ pocket.  Such a perfect reminder that this couple is always adventuring together, from camping and rock climbing out of their VW bus, June, to creating a community space from scratch for people to come together in their studio.


James even created this ring himself.



The band in the middle has sand from her family in the Cape, his in Seattle and Newburyport where they have found their home together.

  • RSJM-78
  • RSJM-102
  • RSJM-36
  • RSJM-13
  • RSJM-240

This couple just lives life beautifully.

  • RSJM-236
  • RSJM-61
  • RSJM-221



Their wedding is going to be just incredible.  I could not be more excited to share this day with them at the end of this month!

  • RSJM-126
  • RSJM-65



A House Full of Girls

Meet Isla and Margaux.  These two amazing girls arrived on March 12th into a house filled with so much love and family who just couldn’t wait for them to arrive home.


This adorable bundle is Margaux.  ISMS-46

And this is Isla.


Sue and Andrew are just such remarkable parents, loving each one of these little girls as their own unique person right from the start.

  • ISMS-11
  • ISMS-142


  • ISMS-81
  • ISMS-124
  • ISMS-101
  • ISMS-40
  • ISMS-71

ISMS-101 ISMS-150

Such proud parents, the sweetest big sister (it’s hard to believe that two years ago this was her!) and one amazing growing family. ISMS-222

  • ISMS-72
  • ISMS-155



Thank you so much to the Slater family for letting me be a part of this incredible moment for their family.  I am so honored to have been able to watch your family continue to grow and only hope that watching you will allow me to do it half so gracefully with one as you have done it with three.