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Theo’s First Year

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As my best friend and amazing photography assistant, Dorothy, prepared to have her baby turn one-year-old, I couldn’t help but look through all the photos we had taken over the first year of his life.  From the baby bump, to her baby shower, to his birth, to the first few days of his life, there is nothing more special then being there each one of these incredible milestones.

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I also realized there were some photos that we didn’t get to share when they happened.

  • TM6-88
  • TM6-104
  • TM6-93

Here are some of those amazing moments around six months old.  Theo was pushing up, crawling, and discovering how amazing his hands and feet are.

  • TM6-89
  • TM6-47
  • TM6-79
  • TM6-40
  • TM6-71

His little expressions are just the most amazing.  I hope you’ll come back next week to see how much he had grown by his first birthday.  You won’t believe how much he has changed (although still just as cute).




Baby Bump: JP

Photographing Dorothy’s maternity portraits was such an honor, being a part of these special days of anticipation.

Baby Bump Moerlein

Celebrating her beautiful bump and the baby it foretells.   Baby Bump Moerlein

Dorothy and Alex have chosen not to share the baby name until he is born, but they also didn’t want to slip up and accidentally use the real name.  So, to be on the safe side they have taken to calling him Juan Pablo.  Whether this is referring to a race car driver (Alex’s hypothesis), the Bachelor (Dorothy and my hypothesis), this playfulness is part of what will make them such great parents.  They never stop making each other laugh.

  • Baby Bump Moerlein
  • Baby Bump Moerlein

It was such a privilege spending the afternoon together, laughing, talking, and being astonished about this incredible thing that is about to happen.

  • Baby Bump Moerlein
  • Baby Bump Moerlein

Baby Bump Moerlein

He’s really in there! Baby Bump Moerlein She’s so serene.Baby Bump Moerlein

For all the rest of the photographs visit their gallery and stay tuned for baby Moerlein’s big debut in April.   Baby Bump Moerlein

We’re counting the days.

Just Can’t Wait to Meet You

To call Dorothy one of my best friends is somewhat of a misnomer. Dorothy is not only my photography assistant (she is truly a baby whisperer and has the miraculous ability to make anyone feel comfortable in any situation), but truly my laotong. We first heard about this concept in Lisa See’s lovely novel: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Baby Bump Moerlein

“A laotong match is as significant as a good marriage . . . a laotong relationship is made by choice for the purpose of emotional companionship and eternal fidelity.” We are “sworn sister[s],” “old same,” we are a perfect match. I cannot imagine a life without Dorothy (and now soon, with baby boy Moerlein).

Baby Bump Moerlein

I cannot describe my joy when Dorothy told me that she was pregnant.  She and Alex are truly one of those couples that give you hope for true love and a lasting happy marriage. They have had that magic spark, from the first time they picked each other out from a crowded dance floor. That ember now warms their home. They will make this baby the luckiest little boy in the world.  Baby Bump Moerlein


Dorothy has been the face of grace as she grows this new little person.  As baby Moerlein reached the 27th week and his ears were able to hear voices for the first time (see the baby milestones as embodied by fruit here!), Dorothy started reading him The Little Prince.  She has loved this story since French class and it seems only right that the first words he hears were written in French.

  • Baby Bump Moerlein
  • Baby Bump Moerlein

The entire house is readying for him.  The nursery is painted.  Dorothy is knitting the baby blanket and Alex is constructing the crib (yes, they are that amazing).  Even Gatsby is practicing guarding the baby. Baby Bump Moerlein

I have rarely seen Dorothy more relaxed, content, and replete with happiness.

  • Baby Bump Moerlein
  • Baby Bump Moerlein

Baby Bump Moerlein

Also, she looks incredibly gorgeous.  Pregnancy definitely suits her.

Baby Bump Moerlein

I cannot wait to meet him and begin this next incredible stage of our lives and our friendship together. I am so very grateful.

Baby Bump Moerlein

Dorothy and Alex are so incredible that I will be sharing more of her images next week.  And stay tuned for the baby Moerlein in April!