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Engagement in Fort Port

Today marks the one week countdown to Karen and Joe’s wedding in Cohasset, MA.

This couple met four years ago at the Barking Crab in Boston’s Fort Port neighborhood.

  • KJ-57
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  • KJ-79

It became clear pretty quickly that this was something special.

  • KJ-124
  • KJ-73

Karen is one of those remarkable women who knows what she wants and is simply unbelievable at making things happen.

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  • KJ-130

Seeing the laughter and joy this couple shares, it’s clear how wonderful each of these individuals are for each other.

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  • KJ-47

A look like that from a fiancé shows that this is a marriage that is going to last.

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  • KJ-4

Congratulations to Karen and Joe.  I cannot wait to be there to photograph your day next weekend!


Newburyport Engagement

At the end of August, Rebecca and James will be married in an intimate ceremony on a campground in Vermont.   RSJM-48

Having met in Somerville and then moved up to Newburyport to open Riverside Yoga and Massage studio together, they seem to know just how to savor the simple, beautiful moments together.


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  • RSJM-211

To celebrate their engagement, it seemed fitting to photograph this lovely couple in the city they have made their home, just minutes from their house.

  • RSJM-231
  • RSJM-208
  • RSJM-223

I love that you can see the carabiner that Rebecca gave him on James’ pocket.  Such a perfect reminder that this couple is always adventuring together, from camping and rock climbing out of their VW bus, June, to creating a community space from scratch for people to come together in their studio.


James even created this ring himself.



The band in the middle has sand from her family in the Cape, his in Seattle and Newburyport where they have found their home together.

  • RSJM-78
  • RSJM-102
  • RSJM-36
  • RSJM-13
  • RSJM-240

This couple just lives life beautifully.

  • RSJM-236
  • RSJM-61
  • RSJM-221



Their wedding is going to be just incredible.  I could not be more excited to share this day with them at the end of this month!

  • RSJM-126
  • RSJM-65



Emily and Dylan Sitting in a Tree

Jamaica Plain Arboretum is one of my favorite places in the world just about any time of the year.


However, there is something truly magical about a late summer afternoon and a couple who just really like each other a lot.

  • ED-269
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  • ED-16

Emily and Dylan will be getting married in September at the Jamaica Plain pond, so for their engagement session we could think of nothing nicer than walking through the arboretum, laughing and maybe doing a little arm wrestling.

  • ED-256
  • ED-43

This couple is so tremendously sweet to each other.


  • ED-276
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  • ED-68


Emily has been a volunteer at the arboretum, so it was such fun to walk amongst the trees together and learn all about all the foliage, and these two as a couple (did you know that there is a tree whose leaves smell like toasted marshmallows when they drop in the fall?!).

  • ED-266
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  • ED-37

This pair met through their blogs when Emily was still in high school.

  • ED-123
  • ED-92

Though they were across state lines, after Dylan came to visit (these were some pretty amazing parents) they knew this was a relationship that was meant to last.



Through time and an awful lot of distance they’ve created such a remarkably strong and loving relationship, which just shines whether through a touch a kiss or a laugh.

  • ED-268
  • ED-252

They really were amazing to see together and so much fun.


  • ED-236
  • ED-162


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Looking at the love these two have for each other, this wedding is going to be so lovely. September is just around the corner and I can’t wait.