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Emily and Dylan: Then Comes Marriage

After a morning of getting ready with family, the scene was finally set for Emily and Dylan’s wedding ceremony at Jamaica Plain Pond.   Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond ED-622

Together they made every moment of this ceremony personal.  From the handwritten vows to their choice of “Married Life” from Up as their ceremony music.
Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond

  • Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond
  • Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond
  • Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond
  • Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond

Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond

I always hope every bride and groom can get to this level of supreme happiness at the thought of spending their lives together.  They were so elated looking at each other that everyone else just seemed to disappear. Ceremony: Jamaica Plain Pond ED-401

Sisters and best friends.

ED-447 ED-429

Later, Emily told me that when her parents got married in the backyard years ago, they did their wedding portraits on a dock.   Bride and Groom Portrait

How special that Emily and Dylan were able to continue that circle on their wedding day.

  • Bride and Groom Portrait
  • Bride and Groom Portrait


Of course, we had to go back to the arboretum for these magical portraits.  The light was just right and these two couldn’t have looked more beautiful as newlyweds.

  • Bride and Groom Portrait
  • Bride and Groom Portrait

My favorite part about them is how they just couldn’t stop laughing.


  • Bride and Groom Portrait
  • Bride and Groom Portrait
  • Bride Portrait

ED-554 ED-619

Next, we were off to the FIreplace in Brookline, for the delicious and festive reception.

  • Best Man Toast
  • Father of the Bride Toast
  • Sister of the Bride Toast

It was a night filled with toasts from family and friends.  Each one added detail and depth as they told and retold the special story of Emily and Dylan’s early relationship.  Emily and Dylan found each other in the early days of the internet when blogs were a rare and small network.  Emily and Dylan came to know each other over across state lines and age differences on this now defunct website in such a special and intellectual way through their writing.


When they started talking on the phone for hours on end, neither thought the other was romantically interested, even though the calls lasting until 2:00 AM and their friends consistent eye rolling suggested otherwise.

  • Maid of Honor Toast
  • Reception
  • Mother of the Bride Toast
  • Father of the Bride Toast

Emily’s father shared how he felt when Emily asked if this man she had been talking to on the internet could come and visit.  However, in an amazing show of parental support, they allowed Dylan to come to California and stay at their house.  Everyone reiterated that as soon as they met him, all of their fears were allayed and they knew that this was a really special man and partner for Emily.


From every side, each person emphasized how perfect of a match this pair truly became.  They are more themselves with each other: happier, more confident, independent, curious, and courageous together than apart.  It’s hard to imagine what more you could hope for the ones you love the best.  ED-795

This couple certainly seems like they are made to last.  Congratulations, Emily and Dylan!  I wish you so many happy years together.


Emily Dylan: First Comes Love

After their adorable engagement session in the arboretum, it was obvious that Emily and Dylan’s September wedding was going to be absolutely lovely.   Getting Ready

The autumn day couldn’t have been more perfect, skies were blue and the bride and groom were smiling from the start.  I loved that Emily chose a lovely beaded dress, but paired it with pretty and comfortable flats for her outdoor ceremony at Jamaica Plains Pond.

  • Getting Ready
  • Getting Ready

The pair started their morning getting ready together.  Emily and Dylan wanted to spend the entire day together and were really thoughtful about making the day special.

  • Getting Ready
  • Getting Ready

Allison, Emily’s twin sister, beautifully did her make up (even getting Emily to put on the lipstick that Emily worried might look too dark, but photographed just right).

Getting Ready


Getting Ready


This is one of my favorite moments of the entire day.  When the dress is zipped up on the official day and all of a sudden everything about the approaching wedding feels real and filled with more emotions than words can capture.


  • Getting Ready
  • Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

This response from her parents is just about everything a daughter could ask for on her wedding day.

Getting Ready

Bustles are never as easy to tie as they seem.

Getting Ready


But, with the help of a call to the bridal shop, and the entire family, it bustled beautifully.

Getting Ready

Meanwhile, Dylan waited, oh so patiently to see his bride.

First Look

These faces are why we do first looks (even if the bride and groom spent every moment of the morning together before putting on the dress).

First Look

First Look

Come back next week to see Emily and Dylan’s gorgeous Jamaica Plains ceremony and reception.




Emily and Dylan Sitting in a Tree

Jamaica Plain Arboretum is one of my favorite places in the world just about any time of the year.


However, there is something truly magical about a late summer afternoon and a couple who just really like each other a lot.

  • ED-269
  • ED-1
  • ED-16

Emily and Dylan will be getting married in September at the Jamaica Plain pond, so for their engagement session we could think of nothing nicer than walking through the arboretum, laughing and maybe doing a little arm wrestling.

  • ED-256
  • ED-43

This couple is so tremendously sweet to each other.


  • ED-276
  • ED-77
  • ED-68


Emily has been a volunteer at the arboretum, so it was such fun to walk amongst the trees together and learn all about all the foliage, and these two as a couple (did you know that there is a tree whose leaves smell like toasted marshmallows when they drop in the fall?!).

  • ED-266
  • ED-220
  • ED-37

This pair met through their blogs when Emily was still in high school.

  • ED-123
  • ED-92

Though they were across state lines, after Dylan came to visit (these were some pretty amazing parents) they knew this was a relationship that was meant to last.



Through time and an awful lot of distance they’ve created such a remarkably strong and loving relationship, which just shines whether through a touch a kiss or a laugh.

  • ED-268
  • ED-252

They really were amazing to see together and so much fun.


  • ED-236
  • ED-162


  • ED-279
  • ED-285
  • ED-10

Looking at the love these two have for each other, this wedding is going to be so lovely. September is just around the corner and I can’t wait.