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Engagement in Fort Port

Today marks the one week countdown to Karen and Joe’s wedding in Cohasset, MA.

This couple met four years ago at the Barking Crab in Boston’s Fort Port neighborhood.

  • KJ-57
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  • KJ-79

It became clear pretty quickly that this was something special.

  • KJ-124
  • KJ-73

Karen is one of those remarkable women who knows what she wants and is simply unbelievable at making things happen.

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Seeing the laughter and joy this couple shares, it’s clear how wonderful each of these individuals are for each other.

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A look like that from a fiancé shows that this is a marriage that is going to last.

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Congratulations to Karen and Joe.  I cannot wait to be there to photograph your day next weekend!


Amongst the Flou(-e)rs

After last week’s profusion of flowers from the amazing team at Flou(-e)r, I wanted to send you a few more weddings from the flower filled day.

  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist

The afternoon continued at the State Room in downtown Boston.  The views here are just stunning and the flowers brought the space to life.  Gregory and his team transformed this from a wedding in Boston to Kerry and Matthew’s Irish-inspired wedding.   Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist Their artistic eye considers everything, from the repeating architecture of the flowers, to the repeating gold details of the table-scape, to the small submersible lights that will set the centerpieces flickering romantically all night long.

Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist The team has an idea for how to customize and bring in stunning details in surprising ways.  These flowers on the mother of the bride’s purse is not only beautiful and unexpected, but also such a thoughtful way to make the flowers an integral part of each aspect of the day.  These are the small details that as a bride, you want someone else to think about, and Flou(-e)r does!

  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist

Flou(-e)r Wedding FloristMy favorite part about spending a full day at five different weddings is how different Flou(-e)r was able to make these weddings feel, even with some repeating flower choices.  These intentionally chosen vessels creating an eclectic low profile across the head table are so tremendously special.  And the impressive urns are a wow-factor that every guest will notice as they enter the reception space at the Westin Copley.

Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist These are the types of details that I love to photograph, from the broach on the bouquet wrap to the special cake stand.

  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist

When I got married, I felt like I had spent a year with paper and glue bringing together all the tiny details from the flavors to the fans.  On my wedding day, I barely noticed them (I was too busy laughing, crying, and hugging).  I am so grateful to have the pictures of the centerpieces and the bedecked chuppah.

  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist

Knowing how much these details reflect the couple, these are the small details I didn’t want to have to think about on my wedding day and also didn’t want any one else to forget.  Details make the space visually interesting, but also tell you something about the couple.  Flou(-e)r makes this effortless and truly creates a stunning day from start to finish.

  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist
  • Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist

I had such a great day with the Flou(-e)r team and look forward to working on another gorgeous wedding soon!

A Flou(-e)r Fantasy

At its heart, every wedding is completely unique.  A wedding celebrates this particular pair who have found each other and will consecrate their bond on one day in history.  I love telling their special story through images, from those moments of connection and emotion to the small details that visually communicate the vision of the couple.  Gregory Costa-Saint John and his team at Flou(-e)r are the design couturiers who conceive and bring to life a couple’s vision in flowers.

  • 2013-11-17_0001
  • 2013-11-17_0002


While each couple picks a location they love, Flou(-e)r makes that space come to life with color, texture, and scent.

  • Flou(-e)r_0021
  • Flou(-e)r


I spent the day with his team traveling throughout Boston as he transformed five locations from the Charles Hotel to the Boston Marriott Long Wharf into a reflection of the bride and groom.


You can only imagine the change as you walk in to a blank canvas of walls and windows and see a color palette, concept, and sparkle emerge from their flower filled trucks.

  • Flou(-e)r_0016
  • Flou(-e)r_0015
  • Flou(-e)r_0007


With armfuls of blossoms and nimble fingers, these professionals create an event which shines and feels completely unique and remarkable. Flou(-e)r_0012

 I was completely amazed by the details, from bouquets and boutonnieres, to corsages and candelabras, urns and votives,

Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist Flou(-e)r_0024 Flou(-e)r_0030 Flou(-e)r Wedding Florist While I’ve showcased two of the weddings on today’s post, next week there will be more of Flou(-e)r’s stunning work.