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King of All Wild Things

As I am sitting here typing this I am currently 40 weeks pregnant, and by the time this posts I may have our own little one in my arms. It felt like an incredibly apt time to share this overdue, but very special newborn session from two of our best friends and their little one Max.


Newborn details The love they have for this little one is just inspiring.   Family Portrait

He is going to live such a life filled with so many rich experiences and so very much laughter.

  • Newborn family portrait
  • MH-142
  • Newborn parents and grandmother

Well Wishes Mobile

From the mobile of well wishes, to the myriad handmade quilts by friends and family, this little one already has a fan club that is utterly devoted to him and spans the country.

  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn
  • Newborn with mom
  • Newborn and Father
  • Newborn and Mother
  • Newborn Father and Grandmother

 I feel so very honored to get to watch some of my dearest friends become parents and couldn’t feel luckier to get to do it with them very soon.   Newborn

I can’t wait for our little ones to get to meet.  I hope that Max likes our new addition as much as I love these three, because let’s be honest, Max is one cool dude.

Charlotte Six Days Old

I always feel so grateful when I get to photograph friends, family and colleagues as they have these special moments in their lives.

  • Charlotte Wrapped Up
  • Family From Above

I have known Hillary for many years and have always been inspired by her kindness, patience, and thoughtfulness.  Seeing these qualities embodied in her role as a mother, was a distinct privilege.

  • Charlotte Held
  • Through a Mother's Eyes

There is something remarkable about sharing these early days of a growing family, when baby is sleeping and big brother is so excited about his new role. Andy and Hillary somehow make two children under the age of five look easy. Although I’m sure it’s not as easy as it looks, you certainly can’t tell by looking!

The Three of Them

He’s so sweet to her; already trying to hold hands.

Brother and Sister Love

In his first endeavor to take care of his little sister, Tyler gave her two of her own lovies (this pink blanket).  When we showed the family the slideshow of these pictures on the big screen two weeks after they were taken, Tyler was most excited to see the pictures of the lovies he had given Charlotte.

  • Charlotte Asleep
  • Lovies from Tyler

Charlotte Little Hand

You can already tell she is going to be full of joy; having already brought so much of it herself!

Little Smile

And baby makes four!

It was my distinct honor to get to photograph Charlotte, six days after she joined the Fotsch/Roselund family.

Charlotte Resting

  • Little Charlotte Details
  • Charlotte Swaddled

Charlotte Curled

We got a smile!

  • Look at that smile!
  • Charlotte Nestled

Her parents, Hillary and Andy, clearly couldn’t adore her more.  The love on their faces is just incredible.  Here they are holding her in the blanket she was wrapped in when she returned from the hospital.

  • So Very Loved
  • Charlotte Cradled

Tyler is such a proud big brother.  Having just turned three himself, he was already such a helper for his little sister.  He was constantly running over to check on her, giving us ideas to help her to fall back asleep and staying very still as they lay together for this picture.  He has a lot of energy and a lot of love for his new baby sister.  New Big Brother Such a loving, caring, happy family.

The Whole Family

This family was so wonderful, I just couldn’t get all of the images into one post. Check back next week for more images, or visit the gallery to see the whole shoot.