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King of All Wild Things

As I am sitting here typing this I am currently 40 weeks pregnant, and by the time this posts I may have our own little one in my arms. It felt like an incredibly apt time to share this overdue, but very special newborn session from two of our best friends and their little one Max.


Newborn details The love they have for this little one is just inspiring.   Family Portrait

He is going to live such a life filled with so many rich experiences and so very much laughter.

  • Newborn family portrait
  • MH-142
  • Newborn parents and grandmother

Well Wishes Mobile

From the mobile of well wishes, to the myriad handmade quilts by friends and family, this little one already has a fan club that is utterly devoted to him and spans the country.

  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn Family Portrait
  • Newborn
  • Newborn with mom
  • Newborn and Father
  • Newborn and Mother
  • Newborn Father and Grandmother

 I feel so very honored to get to watch some of my dearest friends become parents and couldn’t feel luckier to get to do it with them very soon.   Newborn

I can’t wait for our little ones to get to meet.  I hope that Max likes our new addition as much as I love these three, because let’s be honest, Max is one cool dude.

Weaver Twins

After so much anticipation, the Weaver family and their communities could not have been more excited to meet this set of twins.

  • NWGW-11
  • NWGW-40

This is Noelle.

  • NWGW-124
  • NWGW-125
  • NWGW-112

And this is Graham.


Graham Alden and Noelle Iris arrived a little early, on February 27th, continuing the tradition of Jumpstart mothers giving birth the day after Jumpstart throws them a shower (a trend I am keeping a keen eye on).

  • NWGW-61
  • NWGW-74

This family was just so ready to be four people.

  • NWGW-167
  • NWGW-92

It has been just so amazing to see Tessa become the most natural, easygoing, and wonderful mother to this set of twins.

  • NWGW-132
  • NWGW-119

They truly are such a phenomenal family.

  • NWGW-133
  • NWGW-160
  • NWGW-66



As these little ones celebrate their six month birthday, it’s such a joy to look back on how much they have grown.  Happy birthday Graham and Noelle! NWGW-89


A House Full of Girls

Meet Isla and Margaux.  These two amazing girls arrived on March 12th into a house filled with so much love and family who just couldn’t wait for them to arrive home.


This adorable bundle is Margaux.  ISMS-46

And this is Isla.


Sue and Andrew are just such remarkable parents, loving each one of these little girls as their own unique person right from the start.

  • ISMS-11
  • ISMS-142


  • ISMS-81
  • ISMS-124
  • ISMS-101
  • ISMS-40
  • ISMS-71

ISMS-101 ISMS-150

Such proud parents, the sweetest big sister (it’s hard to believe that two years ago this was her!) and one amazing growing family. ISMS-222

  • ISMS-72
  • ISMS-155



Thank you so much to the Slater family for letting me be a part of this incredible moment for their family.  I am so honored to have been able to watch your family continue to grow and only hope that watching you will allow me to do it half so gracefully with one as you have done it with three.


And Baby Makes Four

These were photos we had been waiting to do for a long time.  When Kristyn first told our team that baby number two was on the way, I couldn’t have been happier for her, and immediately started planning these images in my head.
Newborn Sibling

Having seen Mackenzie grow from her first week and watching Kristyn being such an amazing mother, it was clear they were going to be the sweetest family of four.  I couldn’t wait to meet Landon in person and see Mackenzie become a big sister.

  • Ten Days Old Newborn
  • Ten Days Old Newborn

As expected, when Landon arrived, everyone was immediately and deeply smitten.

  • Mother and Baby
  • Father and Baby

Newborn Siblings

  • LL-15-3653168400-O
  • Newborn
  • Newborn Siblings

Mom and baby

Almost two years ago to the day, we photographed Mackenzie’s newborn photos.  Now this big sister was completely enamored with her “Liddie”.  Kristyn told me that in the first couple of weeks, Mackenzie kept asking Kristyn to take off his socks so she could see his little toes.

  • Newborn Siblings
  • Newborn Siblings

Can you believe that at two years old, Kenzie already knows all of the letters, not only in her name, but in the alphabet?!  Kristyn found this out in the T station when Mackenzie starting pointing out the letter “I” on a poster on the wall.

Newborn Siblings

And, look at her already sharing her toys! Family of Four

This family is truly just the best.  I feel so lucky to share these special moments with them as their family continues to grow.

Newborn Siblings

Ansel: one month old

When I first heard from Ansel’s mother it was two weeks after he was born.  I found her first email illuminating.  She wrote, “While I didn’t think I’d want professional newborn photos, having him here now makes me want to capture the memories!”


This is exactly why I do this job.  I feel honored to capture these tiny fingers and toes at the moments when families are first meeting and everything feels so new and special.


Newborns change so remarkably from week to week and most certainly from month to month.


When I come to show families their photographs only a couple weeks after taking them, I am always amazed by the new little person the same family now holds in their arms.

  • AK-95
  • AK-2

Having just spent hours editing these images, I’ve had the honor of seeing their little one from myriad angles, up close, and far away.  Yet within a number of days another new person is emerging.  It’s truly amazing.

  • AK-68
  • AK-75
  • AK-18

Ansel was an incredible baby to photograph, because not only was he adorable, but he was already chocked full of personality.  Though he had little interest in sleeping, he was highly curious about what we were doing.  His little eyebrows told a whole story.

  • AK-29
  • AK-53
  • AK-122

I truly hope that having seen these photos Ansel’s family feels like I have captured these early days of their firstborn son as they have seen him over his first month: sleeping, stretching, yawning.

  • AK-129
  • AK-26

We had so much fun meeting him and can only imagine how his incredible personality will continue to develop as he grows.

Alexander: Twelve Days Old

Meet Alex.

  • AL-28
  • AL-25

This sweet little boy at twelve days old was the most adorable little peanut at just around five pounds.


He was already funny and full of personality.

AL-18With a full head of hair.

  • AL-32
  • AL-126
  • AL-6

And parents who just couldn’t love him any more.

  • AL-101
  • AL-2

(Although I’m sure they do every day.)

  • AL-166
  • AL-50
  • AL-94
  • AL-137

After waiting so long, it is just remarkable when he arrives.

AL-98Welcome to the world, Alex!  AL-44

We’re so excited to watch you grow up.

Theo: 10 Days Old

One of my favorite things about newborn photos is getting to capture babies at their very tiniest.

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

He will grow out of his squished nose and his little hand tucked up by his ear.

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

When I did the viewing of these newborn photos for the parents, Dorothy kept repeating, “I can’t believe how much he has already changed.”

10 Day Old Newborn
In newborn sessions, we get to create a pause: this special moment between mother and son when there is nothing to do but look at him and take in all the details.

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

Since the first few days and weeks are an amazing profusion of every new things at once, constant change and learning, I feel remarkably lucky to get to capture a moment in time.

10 Day Old Newborn
From baby’s first fist bump with his father to his already burgeoning personality.

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn

When I was knitting these pants, they seemed so small, but they were still too big for this little guy. It’s easy to forget how truly tiny newborns are.

10 Day Old NewbornFor this post, I couldn’t help but include one behind-the-scenes photo of me rocking Theo to sleep (photo courtesy of my amazing photo assistant, Caitlin). I think we’re going to be friends.

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn 10 Day Old Newborn 10 Day Old NewbornThey’re a family.

10 Day Old Newborn
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of these amazing moments with you all!

Welcome Theodore Douglas!

I’ve been waiting so long to share this one. Theodore Douglas, ten days old, and his gorgeous family.

10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn 10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

In the arms of one set of grandparents and wearing a hat picked out especially for him in South America by his grandpa.
10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn

10 Day Old Newborn

  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn
  • 10 Day Old Newborn



Of course, there was way too much adorableness to get into one post, so please come back next week for the second installation.


It’s Today

Nine months ago, Dorothy and I met up at Georgetown-Rowley State Park for a hike. We walked for hours talking about the kinds of things you only share with your very best friend. It was a gorgeous day and I can still remember the scent of cedar as our boots crunched over the trails. Before we parted, Dorothy said, “Oh, before you go, there is something I want to tell you.” She didn’t need to say anything else, I just started crying and hugged her while shouting something super eloquent like “Really?! Really?!” That’s how I learned my best friend was pregnant on the very same day she found out the amazing news.

Home on the Day of Theo's Birth

Since then, it had been nine months of anticipation.  Dorothy and Alex had prepared everything that could be done: reading the books, taking the birth class, cooking and freezing meals, hand crafting mobiles, the baby’s blanket, the crib, and hanging shelves full of books from those who love this little baby already. (For more images of the of all the preparations you can see the maternity photos here and the baby shower photographs here.)

Handcrafted Details

Since I can remember the Trippe’s have always been a part of my family’s community.  They are not family friends; they are family.  Growing up, I used to hear the story of how my mother was in the room when the two youngest Trippe children were born.  They retell the story of how in their sleep deprivation my mother and their father, Mike, tried unsuccessfully to convince a laboring Mary Kay to name the baby Trina Thomasina Trippe (Clara Mary was a much better choice) and about Mary Kay almost biting my mother in the middle of a contraction.  For this reason, it seemed incredibly normal to me that best friends would be present at the birth of their children, even in the room.  However, when I mentioned to my dismayed husband that I hoped to be at the birth center, in the waiting room, at the birth of baby Moerlein, he wisely suggested I should probably check before driving up at the first news of labor. Maybe not all families feel the same way about friends in the waiting room.
Ready Room

Out to dinner one night, I “casually” brought this up to Dorothy.  Emphatically, she grabbed my arm and said, “Oh thank goodness, because I really want you to be in the room.”  Somehow the universe really did perfectly match us as friends.

No Life Event Would Be Complete without Gilmore Girls

For weeks, I excitedly checked my phone every time it vibrated.  My amazing co-workers heard me talk about it every single day (they really are the best).  I checked and recharged my camera equipment every night before bed to make sure I would be ready for a call in the middle of the night.  In the meantime, Dorothy was as calm as I had ever seen her.  She was ready, but waiting patiently.

Finally, on Sunday, April 20th, I got the call.  “Come on over when you can, we are watching Gilmore Girls and timing contractions.”  A major life moment has never happened without Gilmore Girls.
It's Time

After many hours passing on this gorgeous spring day, there was an hour of contractions five minutes apart.  Alex called the midwives.  The next time they passed through these doors there would be a new member of their family in their arms.

Making the Call

On our way to the Coastal Family Birth Retreat, Alex only ran one red light, which I think must be a record for a father-to-be.  I had no laboring mothers in my car and I wanted to run them all.
Birth Center

Dorothy and Alex are one of those couples who give you faith in marriage.

  • Beside You
  • Beside You

Watching them this day, I was astonished by their care for each other, and certain that they will be the most incredible partners for each other and parents to this child.
I am honored to be their friend.

  • Beside You
  • Angles
  • Effort

 Only Dorothy could make labor look this pretty.


  • Mothers
  • Support
  • Suport
  • A Village


Dorothy amazes me always.

I have never witnessed anything like the strength she demonstrated throughout these twenty-one hours.


The care Dorothy’s parents and Alex displayed throughout the day restores ones faith in how remarkably powerful love can be.

  • Hands
  • TM-366a

He has arrived.
He's Here!

First family portrait.  Already Amazed

  • Family
  • Aglow

This has been one of the most surreal and fantastic experiences I have had in my life.


I am so remarkably grateful that Dorothy and Alex let me be a part of this indescribable experience and let me try to tell it through photographs.

  • Father's First Hold
  • First Diaper
  • Light of their Life

Welcome to the world: Theodore Douglas Moerlein.


You are already loved endlessly.


Stay tuned for newborn photos, coming soon!

Charlotte Six Days Old

I always feel so grateful when I get to photograph friends, family and colleagues as they have these special moments in their lives.

  • Charlotte Wrapped Up
  • Family From Above

I have known Hillary for many years and have always been inspired by her kindness, patience, and thoughtfulness.  Seeing these qualities embodied in her role as a mother, was a distinct privilege.

  • Charlotte Held
  • Through a Mother's Eyes

There is something remarkable about sharing these early days of a growing family, when baby is sleeping and big brother is so excited about his new role. Andy and Hillary somehow make two children under the age of five look easy. Although I’m sure it’s not as easy as it looks, you certainly can’t tell by looking!

The Three of Them

He’s so sweet to her; already trying to hold hands.

Brother and Sister Love

In his first endeavor to take care of his little sister, Tyler gave her two of her own lovies (this pink blanket).  When we showed the family the slideshow of these pictures on the big screen two weeks after they were taken, Tyler was most excited to see the pictures of the lovies he had given Charlotte.

  • Charlotte Asleep
  • Lovies from Tyler

Charlotte Little Hand

You can already tell she is going to be full of joy; having already brought so much of it herself!

Little Smile