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I am happiest in the springtime when the air fills with the scent of lilac and in the summertime when lying on the white sand of fresh water beaches with a great book, and a bowl of cherries.  I have happily transplanted to Boston;  still I’m always a Michigander at heart.  I seek out the type of kindness I grew up seeing people have for each other, from a smile on the street to a genuine question in the grocery line.

These moments of authentic human connection and compassion are part of why I love photographing people.  I feel honored to be a part of incredible moments in people’s lives.  Learning the ways that a couple or a family love and are loved by their community through their tiny gestures and looks, is one of my dearest joys.

My clients love open air, natural light, and laughter.

My weekdays are spent working on behalf of preschool children in under resourced communities in my role as a program director at an early education nonprofit.  I care passionately about children and families.

I also love to bake and cook with local ingredients from our local CSA, typically after having pinned the recipe from Pinterest.  I don’t go anywhere without having a NPR podcast queued up.  I’m always up for playing board games with friends or snuggling on the couch with my husband.  I believe that the deep and continuously growing love I have felt for him for almost a decade informs my vision of the couples that I am so delighted to partner with in photography.

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    Karen Buhl November 28, 2014

    You do beautiful work Beth! Love all the pictures you did for Kristyn, Doug, Mackenzie, and Landon!
    Thank you so much!!!
    Karen Buhl (Kristyns’ mom)

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