Weaver Twins

After so much anticipation, the Weaver family and their communities could not have been more excited to meet this set of twins.

  • NWGW-11
  • NWGW-40

This is Noelle.

  • NWGW-124
  • NWGW-125
  • NWGW-112

And this is Graham.


Graham Alden and Noelle Iris arrived a little early, on February 27th, continuing the tradition of Jumpstart mothers giving birth the day after Jumpstart throws them a shower (a trend I am keeping a keen eye on).

  • NWGW-61
  • NWGW-74

This family was just so ready to be four people.

  • NWGW-167
  • NWGW-92

It has been just so amazing to see Tessa become the most natural, easygoing, and wonderful mother to this set of twins.

  • NWGW-132
  • NWGW-119

They truly are such a phenomenal family.

  • NWGW-133
  • NWGW-160
  • NWGW-66



As these little ones celebrate their six month birthday, it’s such a joy to look back on how much they have grown. ¬†Happy birthday Graham and Noelle! NWGW-89


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