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And Baby Makes Four

These were photos we had been waiting to do for a long time.  When Kristyn first told our team that baby number two was on the way, I couldn’t have been happier for her, and immediately started planning these images in my head.
Newborn Sibling

Having seen Mackenzie grow from her first week and watching Kristyn being such an amazing mother, it was clear they were going to be the sweetest family of four.  I couldn’t wait to meet Landon in person and see Mackenzie become a big sister.

  • Ten Days Old Newborn
  • Ten Days Old Newborn

As expected, when Landon arrived, everyone was immediately and deeply smitten.

  • Mother and Baby
  • Father and Baby

Newborn Siblings

  • LL-15-3653168400-O
  • Newborn
  • Newborn Siblings

Mom and baby

Almost two years ago to the day, we photographed Mackenzie’s newborn photos.  Now this big sister was completely enamored with her “Liddie”.  Kristyn told me that in the first couple of weeks, Mackenzie kept asking Kristyn to take off his socks so she could see his little toes.

  • Newborn Siblings
  • Newborn Siblings

Can you believe that at two years old, Kenzie already knows all of the letters, not only in her name, but in the alphabet?!  Kristyn found this out in the T station when Mackenzie starting pointing out the letter “I” on a poster on the wall.

Newborn Siblings

And, look at her already sharing her toys! Family of Four

This family is truly just the best.  I feel so lucky to share these special moments with them as their family continues to grow.

Newborn Siblings

Ansel: one month old

When I first heard from Ansel’s mother it was two weeks after he was born.  I found her first email illuminating.  She wrote, “While I didn’t think I’d want professional newborn photos, having him here now makes me want to capture the memories!”


This is exactly why I do this job.  I feel honored to capture these tiny fingers and toes at the moments when families are first meeting and everything feels so new and special.


Newborns change so remarkably from week to week and most certainly from month to month.


When I come to show families their photographs only a couple weeks after taking them, I am always amazed by the new little person the same family now holds in their arms.

  • AK-95
  • AK-2

Having just spent hours editing these images, I’ve had the honor of seeing their little one from myriad angles, up close, and far away.  Yet within a number of days another new person is emerging.  It’s truly amazing.

  • AK-68
  • AK-75
  • AK-18

Ansel was an incredible baby to photograph, because not only was he adorable, but he was already chocked full of personality.  Though he had little interest in sleeping, he was highly curious about what we were doing.  His little eyebrows told a whole story.

  • AK-29
  • AK-53
  • AK-122

I truly hope that having seen these photos Ansel’s family feels like I have captured these early days of their firstborn son as they have seen him over his first month: sleeping, stretching, yawning.

  • AK-129
  • AK-26

We had so much fun meeting him and can only imagine how his incredible personality will continue to develop as he grows.